Business Listings Management

Turn people who find you on Online Search and Maps into new customers with a Konoom Business Profile for your storefront or service area. Optimize your profile for Google, Yandex, Facebook, Bing and many more.

Reviews Management

Customers reviews are crucial for getting discovered in search results and building trust with potential customers. With our platform, you can analyse reviews, manage and respond to them easily. Taking care about your customer will grow your revenue.


 The customers are shopping nearby.
Let them find You!

Konoom distribute information about your business into search engines, maps and directories that are relevant to your location. Accurate and updated information greatly increase your chance to be discovered by people nearby. 

Konoom - Attract people to your store

Listings & Reviews get your Reputation high 

Manage your Listing and Reviews in real-time. Only accurate data, is the data relevant to your customers. It is proved that managing the listings information and reviews response on time, greatly increase your reputation. Managing the reputation successfully, is the key in the growing your business.  

Konoom Listings & Reviews get your Reputation high!

List Easily on Premium Partners that Matters to Your Brand

One simple software to reach multiple platforms. Welcome to a world-class online customer experience!

Local search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex help consumers with answers that are as relevant to them as possible. For this reason, they regularly check company location information with entries from other directories and platforms such as  Facebook and many others. 

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"Information is flowing like water. 24/7 online! Everyone is on the same page and knows the way to explain. "

 4.78/ 5.00 score on Customer Support

How Do We Make Your Team Life Easier? 

Konoom - Centralized Online Listings

Centralised Listings   Management Across All Directories

Konoom - Unique Reviews Management Dashboard

Unique Reviews Management



Konoom - Real-time Updates Of Business Related Informations

Real-time Updates Of Business Related Informations 

Konoom - Control Your Online Presence Across All Directories 

Control Your Online Presence Across All Directories 

* Directories integrated: Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing ...

Local analytics help you understand how your online presence are doing across different locations.

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