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Updated: Apr 23

Official guide to local presence.

A customer’s interaction with your business can start online and then finish in your local store or physical business location. Here are some tips to help you enhance your online presence and optimize them to drive more store visits and sales to your business.

Konoom brings local consumers to your shop
Konoom brings local consumers

1. Build your digital storefront

Make your business stand out on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex. Create a Business Profile on Konoom and connect with customers across all search channels including all Search and Maps directories.

Why: Stand out when people search for your business, products or services. Getting your business on all search directories is the essential first step towards driving and measuring visits to your stores.

2. Measure the offline value of your online ads

Your local presence don’t just drive clicks and sales on your website. Understand how your online ads drive value for your business offline.

Why: Getting the full picture of how your local presence drive impact across channels is important to refine campaigns, make budgeting decisions, and inform your overall business strategy.

3. Use an omnichannel strategy to increase total sales

Optimize your campaigns for maximum return from both online and offline conversions.

Why: Make the most of your marketing investment and grow revenue for your stores, whether customers ultimately purchase online or in-store.

4. Use a store-centric strategy to increase in-store sales

Highlight your locations and communicate your store information, business offerings, promotions and more to nearby customers when they search, browse or navigate on Google Search and Maps, Yandex Search and Maps, Bing Search and Maps, Yahoo Search and Pages.

Why: Machine learning makes it easier and more efficient to promote your physical business locations at scale across directory properties. It can help you reach customers throughout their purchase journey and optimize for those who are most likely to visit your business.

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