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Managed Service

Outsource Everything

Lean back and  enjoy the benefits of the Tier One professional services that Konoom team provides

Expertise Matters

  • You can ask your Dedicated Konoom Team to basically manage everything from locations to reviews or posts to reports and more.

  • Monthly Reports and Sessions are planned to keep you updated on your business’s performance on the digital domains.

  • The team takes your inputs and Your Brand’s Guidelines and runs the required operations together with you or independently depending on your selection. 

  • We make sure to put in every extra work needed to run an Effortless Managed Service. Always accessible, transparent and resourceful.

The Tasks That We Handle For You

  • Setuping Social Accounts - the Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) and Facebook Stores in the right way. 

  • Creating locations, claiming existing POIs, managing duplicates and verification processes. 

  • Running consistency and integrity checks.

  • Pushing data across directories and making sure they are synced properly.

  • Answering customer reviews, creating campaigns under social posts.

Utilize the Regular Strategic Advice

  • Monthly / Quarterly Meetings between customer and Konoom team to share the performance reports and critical actions. 

  • We provide sector based Global and Local Best Practices to bring additional growth or solve fundamental digital presence problems.


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