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Apple Maps got a major update in 2023. We have evaluated it for you.

Updated: Jan 15, 2023


Key points:

  • Apple made an announcement that they will be updating Apple Maps with new features. This update will include new photos, buttons, and promotions on business pages.

  • The goal of this update is to make the app more informative and engaging for users by providing new information and photos about the business locations.

  • The move is also a sign of the ongoing competition between Apple Maps and Google Maps.


Introducing Apple Business Connect vs. Google Maps

The update to Apple Maps will not only provide directions but also offer new information and photos about business locations. This is an effort to stay competitive with Google Maps, which already offers robust tools for businesses to edit and add information to their profiles. Users will now see more interactive features on business pages when searching for a location in the app. Businesses can now also feature a "Showcase" which includes a large picture and the ability to highlight deals or limited-time promotions.

Apple Maps is introducing new features for businesses by allowing them to add buttons for ordering or making reservations on their profiles. This new information will also be integrated into Siri and other Apple software.

Businesses can now use the new web app called Business Connect to claim their location, edit details such as payment options, upload new photos and logos, and offer special discounts and promotions.

For larger companies, integration with software such as Konoom will also be available. Apple is also introducing a new dashboard for business owners to track customer engagement and interaction on their Apple Maps page, similar to dashboards used for measuring search engine optimization.

These features will be available for free and there will be no ad units sold on Maps.

Check the pictures below for some new features.


An example of the new design for Apple Maps pages is shown with a large photo located just below the hours of operation, and a button at the top for users to book a reservation.


An example of a coffee shop profile on Apple Maps now features an "Order" button.


Businesses can now edit the "About" page on their location and connect with Apple's business chat software.


Users will be able to view these updates on their iPhones, however, some of the new features will require businesses to set up their pages. Businesses can now claim and manage their Apple Maps page through a new web application and very soon over the Konoom panel.


When relevant, updated listing information will appear in Apple apps such as Siri and Messages.


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